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Project management built on SharePoint using SharePoint

Have you ever struggled with insights into your projects, tracking tasks and understanding resource allocation. Let Agility solve those issues for you

We have occasion where we meet with clients who find the basic project functions on SharePoint too limiting, however Project Server as too onerous to manage. They like using SharePoint and therefore want to use it to gain visibility over ALL of there projects in a single Dashboard. This is why we built Agility.

Internally we have 5 locations all running projects. It becomes difficult from a management perspective to see what is happening at any point in time. Agility provides the dashboard to identify exactly what projects need to be focused on and when.

The technology is all written using Out of the box SharePoint functionality. Rest API and Jquery merge to provide a rich interface as well as providing a platform that can leverage Office 365 or SharePoint On-premise.

We use Nintex to tie together all the workflow, integration and form requirement.

Take a look at our introductory video to get a taste for the solution.

Tomorrow we will look at the dashboard in more detail!

Craig Tarr
Craig Tarr
COO, lover of jQuery, JavaScript and all manners of application generation, Nintex vTE and advocate of everything out of the box.

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