Business Automation with GTconsult's A-Team

At GTconsult we like to think business automation saves you time which allows you to focus on increasing profitability within your own businesses.
Our A Team has been automating business processes for years and has helped a multitude of businesses grow, scale and become more profitable.
According to Wikipedia, business process automation (BPA) is the strategy a business uses to automate processes in order to contain costs. It consists of integrating applications, restructuring labour resources and using software applications throughout the organization." - Wikipedia

What to automate?

Many business processes can be automated such as

• Leave Management
• Fuel Claims
• Expense Claims
• Annual Review
• Tender Applications
• Daily Financial Reports
• Company News Letters
• POPI Compliance
• Customer Feedback
• Real Estate Rental Applications

Business Automation Resources

Get all the information for business automation below.

Business Automation with SharePoint OOTB Video

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Business Automation Best Practices and Guide eBook

Nintex Document Compliance Infographic

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