A-Team Weekly Tips & Tricks: Retrieve Data Using Filter Web Parts

This week we walk through the method for displaying relational list values based on parameters passed through a filter web part. Click the link below to […]

A-Team Tips & Tricks – Tailor the views available in your list or library.

Ever needed to prevent users from navigating to a view on your list and library? Here is something that may help! https://t.e2ma.net/webview/znndq/11a8e7ccaf3c46bb4ddb6b06090e4f46

A-Team Tips & Tricks – Use Office Mix to Up Your Training Game!

This week we take a look at Office Mix and it’s use for creating quick and easy SharePoint trainings. https://t.e2ma.net/webview/vopcq/d26b888d29b700cb1a76e5aa072f5e6c

Jazz up your SharePoint Sites

A-Team Tips & Tricks – Jazz up your SharePoint Sites Our A-Team weekly tip of the week explores using PowerPoint embed to bring some life to […]