GTconsult 6th Birthday

To infinity and beyond: the GT success story

Six years ago, with my wife – Annelie Geldenhuys – and my business partner – Craig Tarr, we started GTconsult. The original name was G&T, or […]

Low Code Philosophy

When Brad and I started GTconsult we did so under a “No Code Philosophy”. We had both lived through consultancies who knew no better and as […]
GTconsult Nintex Premier Partner

GTconsult are Nintex Premier Partners

Since we began GTconsult we have always leveraged the Low Code philosophy of creating SharePoint solutions.  The only real way to get this done is to […]
Integration Xero Hubspot SharePoint PowerBI Proposify

HubSpot + SharePoint + PowerBI

Never get caught blindsided I have recently decided to not keep my immense knowledge to myself and have started to pen a series of blog articles […]