code:RED – Infosec Briefing 2019 is here!


The internet is not a safe place. Just clicking on a malicious link could have devastating consequences for your future.

Information security is no longer a growing concern. It is a clear and present danger that needs to be top of mind in all business transactions, culture and planning.

GTconsult is proud to announce the 2nd annual code:RED – InfoSec Briefing event! As security experts, we are constantly research and learning about breaches and exploits and we want to offer you a front seat at our event.

The theme of code:RED is awareness. We want to educate the public on the risks and dangers out there and help them protect themselves in this day and age.

We have some of the best infosec speakers joining us this year and we are sure to take it up a notch and really blow your mind.

Our speakers and their topics this year include;


Bradley Geldenhuys,

Co-founder and CEO, GTconsult

Brad is the co-founder and CEO of GTconsult. He is based in Hillcrest, KZN and enjoys hacking the planet.
Brad’s session at code:RED 2019 will cover:
Command and Control: How hackers own your network after initial access.

Scott McCann,

Technical Account Manager, GTconsult

Scott has a drive for information technology within business. Through the technological inkling of his father, Scott found a very keen interest in computers & gadgets and it has grown from there.

Scott’s session at code:RED 2019 will cover:
Setting up Office 365 Security


Kyle Farr and Farai Masakdza

Red Team, GTconsult

Kyle and Farai are our in-house penetration testers and have hacked into some of the most secure environments in South Africa.

Kyle and Farai’s session at code:RED 2019 will cover:
Initial Access.

Chelin Sampson

Certified Ethical Hacker

Chelin is a ninja. He is a Certified Ethical Hacker and is always on the prowl researching and finding the latest exploits and hacks and figuring out how to combat them.

Chelin’s session at code:RED 2019 will cover:
Building an InfoSec Community.


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Durban Country Club

19 August 2019 | 8:30AM – 13:00PM

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Microsoft Bryanston
20 August 2019 | 8:30AM – 13:00PM

Cape Town

The River Club

21 August 2019 | 8:30AM – 13:00PM

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