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GTconsult in Cape Town

One of the key buzz words that is everybody is talking about lately is the shared economy. A shared economy is an idealistic environment whereby ideas are not monopolised, but shared with consumers and business people alike.

To make sense of this world, it is vital to have a business partner who believes in this shared value and who can make sense of what is a technically challenging world. This is the vision by which GTconsult was created.

Founded in October 2011 in the beautiful city of Cape Town, technological visionaries Bradley Geldenhuys and Craig Tarr felt that traditional business models and ideas of ownership needed to be challenged.

Office 365 and SharePoint in Cape Town

Office 365 was a major starting point. Selling licences on a user basis rather than the upfront cost of hardware is a perfect example of the efficiencies technology could offer. This is one of the many key products that GTconsult offers.

Office 365 hand just landed and the opportunities for the cloud platform where mind blowing. In addition, SharePoint was at a all time high as South Africans took their place in the technological leadership playing field.  Geldenhuys and Tarr realised that the Cape Town SharePoint market needed a dedicated fully managed service offering to cater for the rise in the productivity stack.  This was due to the fact that competitors simply did not focus specifically on SharePoint and Office 365 exclusively.  Without passion or a focused skill set in SharePoint and Office 365 capabilities, competitors would fail to deliver.

GTconsult has always been driven by a deep understanding of the efficiencies and the capabilities of SharePoint and Office 365.  Starting as a humble home based business, GTconsult quickly grew and ventured onwards to bigger and better things.

The GTconsult Cape Town team of professional, dedicated and client focused members whose sole purpose is to enable productivity.  We have had great success in growing the Cape Town team with strong skills and competencies.  We wholeheartedly believe that our clients benefit massively from our growth year on year.

Some of our clients in Cape Town include Old Mutual Wealth, Cape Union Mart, Western National, Investec and Medway

GTconsult Cape Town will continue to flourish and expand its SharePoint and Office 365 business for years to come.