GTconsult proudly hosted their first event, Digital Workplace, in the UK.

We had a great time discussing Digital Workplace issues and showcasing productivity and security solutions.
Here is a quick recap on the day:

The Intro

All guests where welcomed to our SWAG station on a very typical London day. #Mugs #Badges #Socks #Pens #Pads #stickers #phoneholdercoverthings Thanks again to ShareGate 😊

The first session

After a quick welcome and story of how GT got to London after 7 years in the business from Bradley Geldenhuys founder and CEO we went into our first presentation and demo of PowerApps with Scott McCann. There we some jokes about how iPhone was better than Android and as demo’s would go the iPhone reigned supreme again.

The second session

Simon Wright from Britecloud was called up next to present on Logic Apps and he had created a wonderful demo which showcased a SharePoint contract management system which integrated with email and planner to provide his team with reminders on contract renewals.

The last session

Bradley Geldenhuys finished up with a very insightful session on how information security has changed the world and how people should be focusing on securing their environments with the tools supplied. There may have been reference to an age old African tale about how one does not need to out run a lion but simply out run others who are slower.

We ended the day with an overview of OneDrive and all the new components such as Autopilot and optional sync which wowed the crowd.

Food and hosting was excellent thanks again Microsoft for the venue, we will most certainly do this again in the near future.

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Jordan Govender
Jordan Govender
Designer. Musician. Part of GTconsult's A-Team. Enabling secure productivity daily!

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