And that’s a wrap for London…

This is our fourth time sponsoring a Microsoft Ignite conference. Our first time was Ignite in Atlanta 2016, which was a great success, and the GT team received great value from the event. Since then we have sponsored Cape Town, Johannesburg and most recently London.

One of the main reasons for our London sponsorship was to bring awareness to the UK market. We wanted to emphasize that we have a local presence with our VAT registered business, located in Bracknell, and leverage our world class, award-winning, South African delivery team to give our offering a pricing competitive edge.

We have had phenomenal uptake with this business model and one of our latest case studies, from PKF Littlejohn, showcases this success. You can find the case study here.

As for the event, it was amazing to see how many enthusiastic people in our industry have a thirst for knowledge. We thoroughly enjoyed the engagement with like-minded spirits at the event and we are looking forward to building strong relationships.

We would also like to congratulate Mr. Pranav Kulkarni, from UK Sport, on being the grand prize winner of the Riley Smart Bot. We know you’re going to enjoy having him around!
Here is a link to the Tech Community site which has over
100 sessions from the event.

We really loved chatting, speaking and connecting with everyone.

Whether you just wanted to enter the competition, take a pen or sticker, or just wanted a hug after a long day, we appreciate the visit