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During the final part of 2016 all of us here at GTconsult starting to take a long hard look at why we are in the business we are in and how we could do more for our customers, in short we ran SWOT analysis for the entire business.  During this process, we realised that we needed to get back to our core belief, and focus on customer success.  If our customers are more collaborative and productive because of something we helped them with then we have done our job.  What we found however was that while we were being successful in most scenarios, we were not sharing the details of success internally well enough for it to increase project delivery with other teams.  Which meant that we were reinventing the wheel in several scenarios which in turn costs us time and our clients’ money.   To resolve this, we needed to expose the success of each of our projects and products within our geographically situated delivery teams for them to be able to apply this experience where needed.  We didn’t have anyone internally we could spare or was an ideal fit for this role so we began our search.  We needed someone who had local and international experience and who had in-depth understanding of the productivity stack we utilise at GT.  Not to mention someone who could fit into our agile and entrepreneur culture.  There was only one man I knew for the job and having known Brandon for many years, I couldn’t think of a better fit.

Brandon is a globally experienced specialist in the Microsoft space, having worked on projects around the globe and lived in Dubai servicing the EMEA region from there. He has over 13 years of experience across multiple verticals, catering for international businesses across multiple regions. He has vast experience from the SMB space right up to the Tier 1 enterprise clients. He has managed vendor relationships across the globe affording him to gain experience on 3rd party applications, that allow business the ability to deploy solutions rapidly. He has a strong background in business development and has managed large multinational teams building sales strategies focused to each specific location across the globe. He comes from a technical background which has allowed him to easily adapt solutions to specific client requirements and therefore not your normal run of the mill sales guru. Brandon has always looked at a client’s needs from start to finish within their business processes and helps clients encapsulate a more complete outlook from their existing Microsoft stack.

We are extremely excited to announce that Brandon joins GTconsult as an Executive Business Development Manager with the main goal of customer success set firmly within his sights.

Bradley Geldenhuys
Bradley Geldenhuys
Man. Myth. Legend. Co-Founder of GTconsult. Some say he can eat an entire 1LT tub of ice cream in under 20 seconds.

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