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The elite dev’s in Silicon Valley have been competing against each other at events for years, the prize, glory, and a spot at one of the hottest tech start-ups or giants. This year at SharePoint Saturday Cape Town and Durban GTconsult will be sponsoring a session where we will be hosting a live SharePoint Hackathon and the winner of the event will get a job offer onsite. So this sounds pretty sweet, so what do you need to do to take part.

  1. Signup below to get short listed as a candidate
  2. Wait till you are announced
  3. Come to SharePoint Saturday and kick some ass!

At SharePoint Saturday a room will be setup for the nominated contestants, who will then have to hack their way out of 3 different issues found in SharePoint. Whoever hacks their way out before the clock runs out and in the fastest time will be offered a job at GTconsult the best SharePoint consultancy ever 😉

Yep it’s really that simple, so see you at SharePoint Saturday Cape Town on the 22nd October and Durban 29th October, make sure to register if you haven’t already, its FREE!

Bradley Geldenhuys
Bradley Geldenhuys
Man. Myth. Legend. Co-Founder of GTconsult. Some say he can eat an entire 1LT tub of ice cream in under 20 seconds.

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