All new solutions, regardless of how small, results in change.

On an individual and organizational level, the methodical approach of Change Management, will help you deal with any change. When this is done successfully, employees are involved in and support the change process, take ownership and eventually work together to reach the common business goal and objective.

At GT Consult we know how important it is to look at the bigger picture. Simply training users in SharePoint does not ensure successful projects, user adoption or empowered users. Downloading the Governance Plan template and completing the generics, won’t deliver that either.

At the Academy we share our passion by empowering you with more than just SharePoint skills. We offer mentorship and coaching to support you / your team and ensure that you reach your goals. This includes guidance on developing your Governance, Training and Communication Plans. As the End User should always be the focus (not the solution), we pay special attention to how solutions are launched, how you communicate with the users as well as very importantly – getting their feedback and buy in.

The Academy follows the PROSCI approach to change management, anyone familiar with ISO compliance will know that this is very similar to the Plan, Do, Check, Act methodology. This serves as our checklist, ensuring that we don’t skip any of the necessary steps, when dealing with our clients, as well as during the mentorship process. Not only does this help you keep your finger on the pulse, it also makes you proactive instead of reactive. But that’s not all….. following this approach ensures compliance when inspected during audits.

So, project management deals with the technical and administration side of change (projects), while change management focusses on the people aspect of change (projects).

Below you will see a high level overview of the steps that form part of PROSCI:

Manage the Change

Develop Schedule

Implement Schedule

Prepare for Change

Define the Strategy

Prepare Team

Reinforce the change

Collect and Analyse Feedback

Diagnose Gaps and Manage Resistance

Implement Corrective Actions and Celebrate Successes

To assist companies on this journey, we have developed a staggered roadmap to alleviate the stress of achieving these deliverables – whilst having to concentrate on the project at hand as well. Any of these activities can be delivered as standalone mini-projects. An added benefit is that Change Management is not only used as a tool in SharePoint Projects – but is used in any project that results in change.

The Change Management Package Deal includes the following:

Deliverable 1

Preparation Workshop (Induction)
Training for Project Team (5days – 8 users)

Deliverable 2

Training Plan (Approach & Schedule)
Communication Plan (Approach & Schedule
Launch templates for promotion & communication

Deliverable 3

Change Management Plan
Governance Maturity Modelling

Deliverable 4

Permissions Plan
Governance Plan

Deliverable 5

ROI & Solutions Register
Induction Manual to Intranet


GT Academy follows a systematic, formal training methodology. Just as the GT Consult motto is “Enabling Productivity”, we believe in putting high importance on ensuring that our training focusses on more than just SharePoint. That’s why the Academy is all about “Enabling People”.

An employee equipped with the correct skills, to not only be effective, but efficient as well, will have high levels of psychological well-being and job satisfaction. Just as we believe that products or solutions cannot fix processes (people do), we KNOW that stand alone traditional SharePoint training will not ensure user adoption.

With the perfect balance of technology, soft skills and pc literacy coaching, we are achieving results that outweighs our greatest expectations. We don’t care if our clients love us – we want them to love their jobs, what they do every day, be more effective and efficient. It’s not about us – it’s all about the people. Empowered users will adopt systems and not resist change.

For more information on the courses we offer, please visit our web site.

To celebrate our commitment to you and to making IT work we launched iAdopt on the 3rd of October (2015).

Albert Einstein said “If you want different results, do not do the same things. ” So join us in doing things different to achieve greater results!


Till next time.





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