SharePoint Vitals unpacks user activity data into easy-to-read, real-time analytics

• Real-time site, page, and user activity are all at your fingertips.
• Clean and efficient reporting on users, content and environment.
• Powerful tools to manage your remote workforce, resources and work performance.

Who accessed which file? When was that, and for how long? Where did they access it from – home or office? Can we roll back their changes?

Data analytics is big business, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. SharePoint Vitals is the big brother of the SharePoint environment with eyes in every corner. Vitals simply takes the guesswork out of work performance reporting.


What does SharePoint Vitals do?

SharePoint Vitals identifies your top users, sites, and content. It’s easy to keep track of your most active users and most accessed content. Strategic planning and strategizing starts here.

All activity is pushed to a clean and simple interface for analysis. While we all love data, we don’t always have the time to understand it and unpack it fully. Our dashboards were made for real people with lives to live and homes to go to – so they’re easy to navigate and simple to understand.

Vitals highlights problem areas such as slow loading pages and helps to determine hardware or software faults. Is it only Mary having the “slow network day”? Or is there a cable fault which is affecting work performance in the whole department? Vitals can tell you within a couple of clicks.

Vitals helps manage key performance indicators for teams and individuals. Working remotely is becoming the norm, but it can be difficult to manage your resources when they are scattered around the country – or the world. Knowing exactly who is doing what – and where they are doing it – is the first step on your journey to efficient work performance.

Benefits of SharePoint Vitals
  1. No more guesswork. Your personalised dashboard gives you instant access to all your key metrics.
  2. Historical data is just a click away, minus the painful SharePoint audits.
  3. Toggle between raw data and easy-to-read gr Summarising key points is easy as pie.
  4. Deep data mining of all elements of your SharePoint environment helps to highlight business critical areas, enforce governance, track solutions, and manage users.