GTconsult in collaboration with Nintex introduces “Bring Your Own Workflow” event.  The bring your own workflow is for everyone who wants to automate internal business processes to increase company productivity.  Every organisation today is struggling with digital transformation, and the relentless pace of technology is never ending.  Competitors are disrupting industries with technology on a daily basis and if your business does not have a digital transformation strategy you run this risk of being disrupted.
GTconsult and Nintex are hosting a 1 day bring your own workflow workshop to get you up to speed with what technology is available to assist you with your company’s digital transformation strategy, but more importantly take your company’s internal business processes and transform them in one day to automated solutions.
To date we have created the following solutions from bring your own workflow workshops just like these.

  • Travel and Expense Management
  • Budget Requests and Approvals
  • Document Reviews and Approvals
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Contract & Compliance Management
  • Sales Lead Generation
  • IT Asset Management
  • Performance Reviews
  • Employee Recruiting
  • Site/Safety Inspection
  • Help Desk Requests
  • Leave Requests

Does my company qualify?
To qualify for the BYOW 1-day workshop, you will need to check the following boxes.

  • You must bring one technical person and one business user. For example, IT + HR Manager. This is mandatory for the workshop to be successful.
  • The business user ideally will be related to the process they will design on the day.

Yep that’s it, we are ready for you if you are ready for digital transformation.

How do we apply?
Signup for your digital transformation workshop today

Bradley Geldenhuys
Bradley Geldenhuys
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