User Adoption

User Adoption is not achieved by just training or handing out chocolates and balloons. Achieving user adoption requires user friendly solutions, relevant training, timeous communication and continued support.

The Academy offers Launch Packages which include the following:

Launch strategies
Communication design and planning
Suggestions for promotional gifts / prizes
Design of Quick Reference Guides and Training material
Feedback Mechanisms
Delivering of launch & awareness sessions

Return on Investment (ROI)

Surely one of the most difficult calculations would be the ROI on SharePoint Solutions and Training. Let us help you calculate and document your ROI on every solution – from End User and Super User through to Solutions which have a much bigger impact. Enabling your End Users from day 1 to do this calculation, and see the value they add, will contribute to user buy-in and add to your ROI bottom line.
A product that supports this initiative is SharePoint Vitals. It reports on User History, Active Users, Visited Sites, Page Hits, Heat Map, Site Map and it comes with Top 10 dashboard reports. The whole idea behind SharePoint Vitals is getting to the details, to give you better insight as to how users are connecting with your site. SharePoint Vitals shows you every detail of the users experience from page load time to time on page and what location they accessed the site from. Armed with these details you will be able to better understand the users experience and improve your SharePoint site.


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