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All new solutions, regardless of how small, results in change. Change management is a systematic approach to dealing with change, both from the perspective of an organization and on the individual level. When this is done successfully, employees are involved in and support the change process, take ownership and eventually work together to reach the common business goal and objective.


"The pace of change – partly driven by the advances in information technology and the pervading influence of globalisation – has become relentless. The complexity of work has increased while career paths have become less obvious due to the flattening of organisational structures. The skills and knowledge that were sufficient even 50 years ago are now proving to be inadequate. Managers and executives are having continually to acquire new skills, be it in IT or organisational strategy. The traditional method of one-off instruction designed to equip an individual with enough knowledge to last a lifetime has been superseded by the concept of lifelong learning."
~CIMA Technical Briefings on self-development

Change Management

The Academy follows the PROSCI / ADKAR approach to Change Management to ensure results, but what’s important, is that we’re not all about methodology and theory. We believe in what we’re doing – and why. It’s about being practical – and making sure that what you apply, makes sense to your business. We don’t do things just to “tick boxes”. If we don’t see the benefit of doing something – there’s no doing it.


Below are package deals we offer to help small, medium and large enterprises develop and instil their Governance Frameworks.
Deliverable 1
  • Preparation Workshop (Induction)
  • Training for Project Team (5days – 8 users)
Deliverable 2
  • Training and Plan (Approach & Schedule)
  • Communications Plan (Approach & Schedule)
  • Launch templates for promotion & communications
Deliverable 3
  • Change Management Plan
Deliverable 4
  • Permissions Plan
  • Governance Plan
Deliverable 5
  • File Plan
  • ROI & Solutions Register
  • Induction Manual to Intranet
  • Maturity Model

Coaching and Mentoring

We aim to introduce our clients to the attitude, knowledge, and skills necessary to be successful employees, managers and eventually leaders in their respective environments. By investing the time, we are ensuring that our clients / students become “lifelong learners”. Coaching is all about ensuring the deliverance of short term goals – “things”, but Mentoring is what we pride ourselves in. This is where we build the relationships and trust, this is all about you – “the people”. Allow us to coach and mentor you to achieve the results you deserve. Various Academy Bundles are available for this specific purpose.

User Adoption

User Adoption is not achieved by just training or handing out chocolates and balloons. Achieving user adoption requires user friendly solutions, relevant training, timeous communication and continued support.

The Academy offers Launch Packages which include the following:

Launch strategies
Communication design and planning
Suggestions for promotional gifts / prizes
Design of Quick Reference Guides and Training material
Feedback Mechanisms
Delivering of launch & awareness sessions

Return on Investment (ROI)

Surely one of the most difficult calculations would be the ROI on SharePoint Solutions and Training. Let us help you calculate and document your ROI on every solution – from End User and Super User through to Solutions which have a much bigger impact. Enabling your End Users from day 1 to do this calculation, and see the value they add, will contribute to user buy-in and add to your ROI bottom line.
A product that supports this initiative is SharePoint Vitals. It reports on User History, Active Users, Visited Sites, Page Hits, Heat Map, Site Map and it comes with Top 10 dashboard reports. The whole idea behind SharePoint Vitals is getting to the details, to give you better insight as to how users are connecting with your site. SharePoint Vitals shows you every detail of the users experience from page load time to time on page and what location they accessed the site from. Armed with these details you will be able to better understand the users experience and improve your SharePoint site.

Job Descriptions / Personas

Aligning new job responsibilities to current KPI’s etc. might be a daunting task, but it is one of the most important tasks that lie ahead. As SharePoint is such a versatile product, using generic Job Descriptions won’t do. The Academy can help you define the necessary roles, as well as add a fun factor to it by designing personas.


GT Academy follows a systematic, formal training methodology. The Company motto is “Enabling Productivity”, which is why the Academy’s motto is “Enabling People”. We believe in putting high importance on ensuring that our training focusses on more than just SharePoint. An employee equipped with the correct skills, to not only be effective, but efficient as well, will have high levels of psychological well-being and job satisfaction. Products or solutions cannot fix processes (people do), we KNOW that stand alone traditional SharePoint training will NOT ensure user adoption.
What are we doing different? All our training includes PC Literacy and Soft Skills Training. This forms the foundation for any training, and sets the scene for successful learning. Below you’ll see the different modules offered by the Academy (keep in mind that we also develop customized training modules, based on the client requirement).

SharePoint End User Module 1

SharePoint Administration Module 7

SharePoint End User Module 2

Nintex Forms Module 8

SharePoint End User Module 3

Nintex Workflow Module 9

SharePoint Super User Module 4

Microsoft + PC Literacy Module 10

SharePoint Super User Module 5

Communicator Module 11

SharePoint Administration Module 6

Executive Induction Module 12


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