Keep track of enterprise wide projects on SharePoint

Whether you are a seasoned project management expert or have just been handed your first ever project, there are tools at your fingertips to help you to successful execution. By making the most out of your company’s investment in SharePoint, you can capitalize on the platform’s ability to foster collaboration and communication.

Through our front-end developer magic we have implemented a simple design, flexible workflows and automated key processes resulting in a business-friendly, functional solution.

Agility gives your organization the power to establish a true project management culture.

Work smarter and faster.

In today’s diverse, fast-paced corporate environment we are often pushed to deliver quality projects with less time and budget than ever before. Fortunately, technology is giving us new ways to think about how we work together in order to keep up with demand.

Say YES to cross functional projects.

With a focus on a clean and simple design, Agility makes project management a one-size fits all. Business users are able to easily find and edit their projects while SharePoint’s native Microsoft Project integration allows for IT teams to manage more complicated task and resource structures – all through a common interface.

Provide real-time portfolio reporting.

You never have to struggle to compile static project reports with Agility. Reporting at the project and portfolio level are built into the solution. You can even provide direct access to your management teams for on-demand status updates.


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Supported versions

It is our belief that technology doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective and by putting that into practice, we have made sure Agility is compatible with current and future versions of SharePoint.

How does it work?

Agility has been designed utilizing powerful j-query scripts which enable the solution to render at run-time.


Agility can be installed on-premise or in the cloud according to your organization's needs. All purchase options include a standard fee for installation services from the GT team. Our experts will install and configure the solution to meet your requirements.

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Key Features