Marwick and Co Case Study.


Marwick & Company Inc provide auditing and accounting services incorporating the preparation of financial statements, reports and value added advice concerning controls to improve business efficiency

Marwick and Co Case Study


Name: Marwick & Company Inc
Location: Hillcrest, Kwa-Zulu Natal
Size: 51-100
Industry: Finance


We are an independent auditing firm, spearheaded by our Management Team, with the privilege of having offered professional, personalised service in excess of 40 years. Operating within the field for a significant period of time, has afforded us an in depth knowledge of auditing, accounting, taxation, secretarial, administrative, financial and management advisory services.

We employ and train approximately 50 members of staff at any given point in time, which continues to develop within the scope of our national entrenchments. Not only do we understand the importance of a presence, but furthermore, for a future, which is essentially the dynamic of the Marwick Heritage Trust, which ensures the longevity of the firm, along with the continued service, commitment and support to our clients.

The Challenge.

What problem is the customer facing?

Marwick were at a renewal stage with their existing licenses and engaged with GTConsult on the options available to them.They were considering upgrading to Office 2016 and hardware upgrades to their older systems. Internal communication was something that Marwick wanted to improve upon with less of a reliance on internal email. Sharing documents and being able to access the documents from outside of the office was something needed by their team.

What have they done to resolve the issue?

Based on their budgetary requirements, we were able to migrate to Exchange Online in Office 365 and take advantage of the licensing options available to them. By moving to Office 365, maintenance on the Exchange server is no longer needed, and their Office licensing concerns are taken care of along with access to files when out of the office

What other products/services where they currently using?

Exchange Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business. .

Marwick and Co Case Study

The Discovery.

How did they find GTconsult?

“GTconsult is one of our audit clients. We also saw that they were listed in the partner listing for Microsoft South Africa.”
– Matthew Walsh

Why did they go with GTconsult Services/Solution?

“We went with GTConsult due to the quality of work offered from them as a team which was showcased to us from the various other projects they have been involved in and also due to their passion with regards to office 365 suite and SharePoint and how it will benefit us in terms of productivity and efficiency.”
– Matthew Walsh

The Solution.

Enabled By GTconsult

An intranet was created for Marwick to promote internal communication and workplace activities. Employees can access multiple areas of the environment in order to retrieve internal department specific documents, find out what is happening with the company through the Calendar, read Blog posts, check weather, find out who’s birthday is being celebrated this month, and access information at the click of a button

Marwick and Co Case Study



45 Days. Mail migration was done in stages to ensure the process was not going to affect the staff’s performance negatively. The SharePoint landing page was built in conjunction while the mail migration was taking place

Team Used:

GTconsult Umlindi & A-Team

Issues Faced:

Mail migration of large mails needed to be reconsidered, and in doing so allowed the users to clean up their mailboxes. Older, unused mail was archived using the Archiving facilities in Office 365.

Return On Investment (ROI).

Zero management and license fees for the older on premise servers, accurate billing & flexibility in licensing allocations for the users.

“Office 365 is a unified platform that has the power to sharpen your team and its purpose to a razer-edge. Cutting out lost time on redundant processes and outdated collaborative tool.” – Matthew Walsh

GTconsult Team Quotes

“Matthew at Marwick was a great help in providing us what the business requirement was throughout the project. A major concern was bandwidth once the cloud services were being used, however once the items were in the cloud, bandwidth was not major problem due to Outlook storing mail locally and OneDrive for Business allowing the sync of documents to local users computers.”

– Scott McCann | Technical Account Manager

Marwick and Co Case Study

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