Mozart Ice Cream Case Study.


Mozart Ice-Cream is a family run business with 11 franchise stores in operation around Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The Challenge.

Mozart approached GTconsult to introduce technology to fast track and improve on processes.

Little did they know they had just signed up for a digital transformation. By using Microsoft Office 365, Mozart has transformed their business and is now setting the trend for the ice-cream industry.

Previous State:

Small file server in factory and POP email.


Centralised management of stock orders, invoicing and control. Contact details and file storage/management.

The Solution.

In order to meet the most pertinent issues, GTconsult set up and focused on Sharepoint and Online solutions for the head office staff.

SharePoint was used to create a company wide intranet to not only share important documents and contact information, but to take it a step further and allow for Mozart to manage their stock take, orders and invoice processes.

SharePoint became the engine that allowed Mozart to improve on current processes and streamline efforts.

The intranet was extended to the franchise store staff, allowing them to order ice cream, manage shifts and get access to new releases and company announcements.

The cherry on top was that the Ice Cream Factory now has the ability to monitor orders as well as update and view stock levels all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

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