SharePoint Workbench.

SharePoint Workbench with GTconsult’s A-Team.

GTconsult are redefining the way you use SharePoint with software as an application. Our responsive, high performance workbenches are a platform through which you can access and manage queues of information.

Businesses find themselves managing queues for Helpdesks, for Client Onboarding, Managing projects and task or simply providing functions like change control, issue risk management, or tracking compliance and incident reports. No matter what you using these queues for the challenges remain:

SharePoint Workbench

Our Framework leverages the power of SharePoint to store all list information which it retrieves using the Rest API in single page applications. This framework ensures you data is presented quickly and reliably on any of the SharePoint platforms, being on-premise of in the cloud.

GTconsult uses our bespoke import of data from Mail Addresses or allows you to capture tickets directly from the system. Rules allow managing of ticket responses to tag existing tickets with email responses to those ticket.

Tickets can either be automatically allocated to staff members or a router can manually allocate tasks.

Our dashboard provide ticket centric views of data as well as audience targeted queues to point users only to their data

Enhance capabilities such as bulk task and ticket reassign processes allow ongoing management by managers and supervisors

Audience targeted views allow users to view all of their tasks and tickets, with clear indicators showing overdue items. Notifications provide insights into new data and quick interaction with tickets and tasks.

Management dashboard provide real time reporting into the underlying data – including Overdue tasks, Staff relevant reporting, Age Analysis and performance tracking reports

Any implementation of a solution needs to show a solid return on investment.

The GTconsult workbench solution has shown value delivery through reducing workforces, improving the speed to go to market, improving client satisfaction and great improving monitoring of tickets and subtasks.

SharePoint Workbench Features.

• Web based
• Responsive
• Office 365
• No Page Refresh
• Multiple Sources – Mailbox
• Notifications
• Auto Allocation based on logical rules
• Manage all client documents in one location
• Link claim to similar, related or previous claim
• Tasks Management
• Feedback Internal & External
• Manage emails with attachments
• KPI metrics for Due Date
• Reporting
• System Log
• Integration to Office 365

SharePoint Workbench Screenshots.

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