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How do I kick off processes at the end of the month or after a quarter. This should be basic functionality surely

Building Solutions

I love to build solutions, I really love to build solutions in SharePoint, however I have been spoilt in the past with easy scheduling. My platform of choice was always SharePoint on-premise and invariably that meant using Nintex Workflow to assist in crafting a solution on top of SharePoint and schedule task kick offs.

Nintex and SharePoint

The marriage between the two is of obvious necessity to craft a solution that can be easily maintained and updated by a client, yet provide the rich functionality that you would expect from a business critical solution. Nintex provides enterprise grade integration functionality specifically for SharePoint, all with NO CODE.

Nintex also provides enriched capabilities on SharePoint to schedule events, which is often an important logic requirement for architecting a solution.

Think about as an example the “Application for Leave” and monthly updates to users balances, or yearly configuration of public holidays to enforce your business rules. Or alternatively sending daily / weekly or monthly newsletters or internal mailers for project management or task tracking etc.

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No Code

We, at GTconsult, are of the opinion that all solutions built on SharePoint should be No-Code so that we can easily upgrade our solutions to new versions and most importantly our solutions can be easily move to SharePoint Online and Office 365.

However up until now we have always had a hitch – scheduling workflows on Office 365 was a problem. Our solutions had to be jimmied to get them to work without Scheduling, which often meant some rather dubious practices in initiating long running workflows (Hopefully not running forever if architected correctly!) or dealing with the inexplicably inaccurate use of expiration policies.


Thanks to Nintex for O365 we now have the ability to schedule workflows. Yay, I am now back to my former glory of building easy no code solutions, even in O365.


So how is this implemented. Well as you would expect the implementation is managed from your Nintex workflow App. In our example we will look at implementing a workflow that is schedule to send a mailer every Friday. The first step is to create your Nintex Workflow, I am not going to go through this step as I am sure if you are reading this post you already know how to do that, good to note however that to schedule a workflow it needs to be a SITE WORKFLOW.

Scheduling Workflow

You open up your Nintex App and will be presented with a new option on you ellipses (that is the “…” symbol).
Nintex Dashboard

Permissions Warnings

Here you choose Schedule and we start our journey. Unless already set up you will need to follow the warning steps below, YOU NEED TO BE A SITE ADMINISTRATOR TO ALLOW THIS FEATURE.
Warning for APP

You will need to enable the Workflow can use App Permissions – if you are used to advance workflow in SharePoint this will be familiar to you, and is basically a step to ensure your workflow can kick off with elevated permissions, in this case it is the scheduler that is kicking off the workflow.

Set up the Scheduling

We can now choose the schedule, we have the same options as on-premise with the ability to run a schedule a number of times or choose an end date, we can schedule the workflow daily, monthly, weekly or to run on specific days. In our case we are going to choose to run the workflow on Fridays, cause everyone loves reading emails on Friday instead of working!).
Scheduling Dashboard
And like that – we are done. How simple was that.

Changing or removing the Schedule

One difference with online is that you do not see your schedule plan – but you can manage each workflow that is scheduled through a simple enable or disablement button.). This feature will allow you to turn off the schedule.
Scheduling disable

I hope this feature brings you as much joy and excitement as it does me, as it is a game changer in the workflow capabilities on SharePoint Online and O365. And don’t forget – now that you are looking to move your application to O365 – Sharegate offers migrations of your Nintex workflows as well!

Happy Coding,

Craig Tarr
Craig Tarr
COO, lover of jQuery, JavaScript and all manners of application generation, Nintex vTE and advocate of everything out of the box.

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