We are living in the age of cybercrime – will your company be a statistic?

We all agree – SharePoint is the best thing to have happened to us since that Christmas jumper in 1985 with that little reindeer on it.

SharePoint allows you to collaborate. It makes working together with anyone in your organisation a cinch. And you can share files so easily!

Maybe… too easily?

At the risk of sounding paranoid, we’d like to explore the cyber situation a little further.

• What would happen if your password was hacked?
• What would happen if an ex-employee gave their SharePoint login details to a competitor?
• What would happen if someone nosed around your desk while you were logged into a SharePoint site with highly sensitive data?

Frankly, in the age of cybercrime and rampant dishonesty, you can never be too careful.

And this is why we developed One Time Pin (OTP)


OTP for SharePoint offers two-factor authentication for SharePoint users. The mobile app allows you to lock down business-critical sites by using a One Time Pin – just like you do with your bank. Key sites can be set up for access during certain times, by certain people, and for a certain amount of time.

It deploys in minutes, is so easy to use, and casts a solid net of protection over your sensitive data.
Did you know that cybercrime cost the U.S. more than US$525 million in 2016? And as a direct result of that, over 25% of U.S companies bought cyber insurance for the first time – ever.

Cybercrime insurance is a little like shutting the stable door as your horse trots down the lane. In some cases, the damage to your company reputation, loss of security on clients’ information, or the loss of intellectual property can devastate a business.

Simply put, OTP for SharePoint closes the doors that lead to data breaches. Do you need to know more?