Umlindi is the ultimate tool for proactive SharePoint Server Management.

• Maximise Server Uptime
• Proactive Server Maintenance
• Immediately identify and rectify SharePoint Server problems

For those of us who depend on SharePoint to keep our data secure and provide the incredible platform of collaboration, file sharing and business process management that we all know and love – we know how vital it is to keep a close eye on our on-premise SharePoint servers.


Yep, networking is the new black.

But when that file that you so desperately need is just out of reach, hovering somewhere cyberspace, and you don’t know whether it’s your machine, your internet, your SharePoint server – or just a really bad day – then you will get why so many business owners choose the Umlindi SharePoint Managed Services and Support tool.

Umlindi means “protect”, and that’s what we do.

• Your SharePoint servers are our responsibility, along with the availability of your information, and the performance and maintenance of your SharePoint environment.
• Umlindi Server Management means optimal performance at all times, with our personal guarantee that any business-critical systems on your SharePoint farm are always up.
• Relieve your IT team and let the remote Umlindi support gurus manage and monitor your SharePoint environment via this (very smart) cloud-based system.
• Real-time monitoring and daily reporting for our customers makes us happy. Proactive alerts and recommendations for improvement make us even happier.

The Technical Stuff

Yes, SharePoint is complex technology that requires a pretty broad skill set to effectively manage. As a business-critical system, however, it’s not something you want to leave to chance.

“Through years of SharePoint deployment and support experience, GTconsult has created a solution that provides a combination of technology and services, allowing us to closely manage our customer SharePoint environments.”

Utilizing a world-class remote monitoring system that has been customized for SharePoint, we are able to capture real-time data and activity trends to quickly resolve issues. Being proactive means that we can help you better meet your defined SharePoint requirements, ensuring that your environment is optimized for the best end user experience. When an incident does occur, it is managed swiftly and efficiently within an agreed service level agreement (SLA).

Benefits of Umlindi
  1. 99% guaranteed uptime of your SharePoint On-Premise environment
  2. Umlindi sits on Windows Azure providing monitoring 24/7 of your SharePoint Environment
  3. Global Coverage with GT Consult. We are located across time zones ensuring full coverage of your environment 24 hours a day
  4. 1 Stop shop. Umlindi covers you from SharePoint Deployment planning to migration to on-going support.
  5. 100% Infrastructure management means that your staff will no longer need to worry about your SharePoint environment
  6. >1 Page Load Time – Ensures you get sub second page load time to enhance your users SharePoint experience
  7. IIS Connections View SharePoint IIS connections to give insight into how many users are connected to the environment
  8. Nintex Workflow allows you to view detailed reports on Nintex Workflow outcomes. Completed, In Progress, Failed and Suspended.
  9. Historic Data allows you to review the performance of SharePoint over time to get in-depth analysis