SharePoint Solutions That Make Business Sense


SharePoint makes business sense when aligned with business goals and implemented as a presentation layer for documents, information, workflow and Line of Business (LOB) data.

More than 250 000 companies companies around the world use SharePoint, over 85% of Fortune 500 companies now have SharePoint Online as part of Office 365.

And unlike Exchange, Outlook and Teams (which makes immediate business sense and provides immediate value to an organization), SharePoint is not something that can provide immediate business value without understanding the platform first.

Demonstrable value

When we send and receive an email from our computers, the value comes from the content, mobility, and security provided in that transaction. Winning a deal, a new customer, hiring a new starter and communicating with your team over email gives us all that feel good feeling. We achieved something from interacting with this method of technology, it was easy and immediate, life is good.

It makes business sense, the return on investment (ROI) is incredible. Mailboxes in Exchange run from as little as $5 a month per user and accessible on pretty much any device anywhere on the planet.

Teams is also becoming a dominant tool when participating in unstructured collaboration. it enables you to chat in real-time to your team anywhere in the world. Further, it allows you to share files and links and then action those items immediately by integrating with over 250 other applications.

The ROI is also immediate as without any customization and very little training, users on pretty much any bundled package are able to leverage Teams starting at $12 a month.

gtconsult a-team workbench

Clearing the mists

What is the immediate value of SharePoint Solutions that make business sense?

SharePoint can be used for several business requirements. Sometimes it should, and sometimes it really shouldn’t.

If not implemented properly, it will cost a lot of time and money. It will then present a very negative image of the company. And while there are many SharePoint site templates which can be leveraged out of the box, a lot of them will need a few tweaks to begin to drive real value to the business.

Unlike email and chat, SharePoint starts to make real business sense when it starts to save time. Further, it creates a culture of productivity and collaboration within a company.

When minds are connected, and a singular piece of content can be leveraged by others, it starts to grow and become bigger and better. That’s when SharePoint really shines.

It creates a workplace that saves time by automating tasks. Further, it allows business owners to spend collaborative time with others anywhere in the world to achieve business goals. This is what SharePoint is really all about.

Reliable workflow

Imagine you could kick off workflows based on content gathered from multiple locations. Then imagine you can collaborate on documents, search for others, update documents at the same time as other colleges, and really push the needle based on all the information others have provided in the past. Then you really start to get the value of a good SharePoint implementation.

It is not just about a good-looking landing page and a place for departments to dump their files. It is not about the company contact list and weather feeds. It is also not about links to important sites and department team locations.

Do not spend countless amounts of hours pushing out news feeds of information that will not benefit people about the business they work in. That only will attract the minimal amount of attention.

If you want to get real value from SharePoint, create solutions that are presented in SharePoint and integrate into your LOB systems. After this, present your data in a way that make users lives easier, more productive and drive your business to achieve its goals.

Inspired offerings

Our Workbenchworkflow and Aspire solutions are a good starting point to get an idea of getting real value from SharePoint solutions. And there are plenty more out there in the world.

Stop using your SharePoint site as an old static landing page for employees to dump useless information and create mazes of folder structures never to be used by anyone else.

Use SharePoint to provide solutions, create a platform for collaboration and enable productivity.