We manage hundreds of SharePoint servers, and our Umlindi Team know better than anyone how to fix – or prevent – any SharePoint server issues.

If you run a single server or a farm with multiple SharePoint servers on premise, then you’ve likely asked yourself these questions:

• How so I see my overall SharePoint performance?
• How many users are connected?
• What is my page load time?
• What is my CPU usage?
• When is my SharePoint environment under the most load?

If you have been using SharePoint for any length of time then you will agree that it is an incredible system – and a vital one. With all your business-critical information hosted on your own servers and required quickly by your busy employees, you want to make sure that your data is safe and accessible.


Umlindi was created to make your life easier. Our team have been trained to take away the day-to-day stress of handling a SharePoint server farm, allowing your overworked IT team the time and energy to work on other important parts of your business.

Umlindi means “protector” – and that’s just what we do. We manage your SharePoint servers, we keep your data safe, and we make your servers sing a happy tune while they work.

What else can Umlindi do?

Our dashboard was created for real people and can be read and understood without a Master’s Degree in Data Analysis and Pie Chart Reading. See at a glance how many users are connected and how your environment is dealing with the load. How much memory are your servers using at this very moment? What are your SQL read/write speeds?

See all your servers’ status at a glance.

And the best part?

It’s not your problem – it’s ours. Let the Umlindi team monitor and support your on-premise SharePoint servers.