SharePoint Vitals tells you who is doing what, and where they are doing it.

Let’s be honest for a minute.

Management loves data and get rather a kick out of monitoring their staff in a perfectly legal (and non-stalker ish) manner.

Why is this?

The bottom line is – well – their bottom line.

And with more and more staff opting for flexi-time and working from remote locations, it’s becoming increasingly important to keep an eye on your most valuable asset – your staff.

SharePoint Vitals allows real time monitoring of all users in your organisation.

Our dashboards are set up to simplify the flood of data that SharePoint is collecting on your behalf, and to unpack it in a sensible and user-friendly fashion.


What information can SharePoint Vitals give me?

Perhaps the question should be, what do you need to know?

If you are struggling to manage remote staff effectively then it’s likely you will need to know:

• Which users were active, from what time and on which day?
• Where did they log in to the system from, geographically?
• Which documents did they access, and for how long?
• What are the most commonly used search terms, and are your users finding what they are looking for?
• What devices are your users making use of and which browsers are they using?
• According to the heatmap, which areas of your sites are getting the most attention?
• How many times was a document opened, by whom, and for how long?
• Which of your users are experiencing slow page load times, and what is the cause?

As you can imagine, having access to this vital information allows management an accurate and comprehensive bird’s eye view of all staff – especially those who are not in the office.

Big brother mentality aside, your staff will be relieved to know that their management team is there to support them in real time. Ensuring maximum SharePoint uptime, sweeping away connection issues as they occur, and ensuring a user-friendly environment for all.

Yes, SharePoint Vitals is the answer to all the questions you haven’t asked yet.