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Get our top ten tips on how you can increase your security by enabling some key features in Office 365!


Top 10 tips

We have looked at some of the most important and 

crucial tips that are often overlooked. With our 

guide, you can enable these tips right now.

In-depth explanations and guides.

Our team created this in-depth, step-by-step guide that will explain how you can increase your security with these tips, how they will help you and what could happen if they aren't enabled.

Better understanding

We will assist you to understand how to enable Advanced Secure Score configurations, Spam Detection and Anomaly Detection.

About the eBook.

We felt the need to share some crucial security tips to help you be more secure in your environment. In this day and age, if you are claiming to be 100% secure, you are in a very dangerous place.

We discussed amongst our team what they felt are some of the most helpful tips and tricks to increase security in Office 365 and we then compiled this super, awesome guide.

A word from the author.

“Office 365 is used daily by millions around the world. It gives us great confidence to use their cloud solutions knowing they have placed such a strong emphasis on security.

I highly recommend reading up on the attacks out in the wild, training your users and aligning your company with their best practices to ensure you are secure.” - Kenny Myburgh, IT Director

​Get the The Ultimate Guide to Office 365 Security eBook.

Our guide will show you how to plug the holes that may exist in your Office 365 environment.

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