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GTconsult is a leading provider of SharePoint services, helping businesses around the world to improve their collaboration, document management, and business intelligence. We specialize in a wide range of services, including custom development, implementation, migration, training, and support.

Struggling to streamline workflows and boost productivity? Let's chat about how GTconsult's solutions can simplify your process and drive efficiency.

We focus on three key areas:


Don't settle for off-the-shelf solutions! We tailor Microsoft solutions (SharePoint, Office 365, Azure) to fit your unique business needs. Imagine having a custom-built system that perfectly solves your problems – that's the power we bring to the table.


Located remotely around the world, the A Team Support team accommodates and supports our clients and specializes in the Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure platforms.


Hire a hacker and receive a real-world attack scenario without the devastating consequences. Mitigate your risk with the cover of A Team Protection.

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Turn to GTconsult for all your SharePoint needs, offering comprehensive SharePoint consulting services, SharePoint migration assistance, ongoing SharePoint support, and expert advice. Count on our unmatched expertise and commitment to streamline your SharePoint experience for success.

Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work

As a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work, GTconsult goes beyond industry standards to guarantee excellence in your Microsoft 365 experience. 

Niche expertise & experience in SharePoint

GTconsult delivers comprehensive SharePoint Services with experienced professionals, tailored solutions, and a proven track record of success, ensuring results that exceed expectations and drive your business forward.


Our unwavering dedication and genuine passion for technology set us apart, ensuring each project exceeds expectations with innovative solutions and personalized approaches, instilling lasting peace of mind.

Choosing GTconsult means placing your trust in a team that excels in SharePoint Services. With a wealth of experience and qualifications, we assure you that you are in capable hands. Consider the following key reasons that make GTconsult stand out as the preferred option:

The History of Cyber Security ebook

Check out our free e-book, written by our Chairman, going through the different cyber attacks that have taken place throughout history.

All things SharePoint

Custom workflows, intranets, business solutions and line-of-business integrations with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

SharePoint Support

SharePoint Migration services, helpdesk support, configuration and roll out of SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Security Framework

We hack you before you get hacked. Using real world attack methodologies we identify risk and present our findings with mitigations.  Our A Team clients are monitored proactively and notified of any new threats or vulnerabilities. 

Vendor Management

Managing vendors, partners, supplier agreements and contracts can be difficult and time consuming.

Lapsed agreements, vendor detail changes and supplier contact updates happen often and if they are not managed in one central location, mismanagement and business continuity risks increase.

Built on Microsoft Office 365 and leveraging SharePoint and Power Automate.

Secure your office 365 investment

If you manage Office 365 but lack the time or expertise to navigate tools like the security center and Admin center effectively, our Office 365 Complete Protection offering streamlines the process. Avoiding these tools until an issue arises could leave your company vulnerable to data compromise.

Info Mailers by GTconsult

GTconsult specializes in creating customized internal infomailers for your staff, designed to meet the unique needs and identity of your organization. Our dedicated team ensures engaging and informative content, fostering workplace connection and communication. Elevate your internal communications with GTconsult's expertise tailored to your staff's specific needs.

Some of our happy clients include:

Who are the A Team?

The A Team are a group of individuals that specialise in the niche spaces of the SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure platforms. The A Team are also specialists in information and cyber security and have a team of talented penetration testers, cyber security analysts and hackers. "The idea behind A Team is to assemble the best developers, support engineers, project managers, technical specialists, penetration testers, and hackers to create the most skilled and effective team to assist you.
The team works remotely to mitigate the logistical and project management issues that can occur with onsite client work. This remote work also ensures the team cohesion, reusability, speed in delivery and a well-maintained project delivery model, all of which ultimately reduce costs for the client.
The A Team has grown over the years and are constantly improving their skills and competencies.

Enable Productivity with the GTconsult A Team.

Get your own dedicated Project Manager, Account Manager and Technical Manager to give you weekly updates on your projects and manage the work with our team of dedicate rockstars.

Real-time support with GTconsult A Team Support.

A Team Support is here to assist any business with an internal IT team that lack the required time, skill or resources to manage, maintain and support SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure internally.

Mitigate your security risks with GTconsult Red Team.

A Team Protection was created for any business that is concerned about their security and actively wants to promote a secure IT culture within their business.

A Team Protection works best when a company has a dedicated IT team. The A Team service is a consultative service to empower the IT team not to work against them.

Customer Success Stories

Learn how we helped these companies enable productivity.

We set high standards of design, functionality and usability for our new intranet. The GTconsult team were able to meet our brief, drawing on their expert knowledge of the SharePoint platform and applying creative thinking.”

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In collaboration with GTconsult, African Unity decided to leverage the power of the GTconsult Workbenches, on Office 365. The solution was an amalgamation of SharePoint Online for management of data and presentations of the queues, a custom Javascript HTML5 framework underpinned by jQuery and REST API to generate a highly responsive, performance oriented application.
The solutions created by GTconsult exactly addressed the original business needs discussed when we started the journey to create these custom workbenches. The workbenches offer a fast, stable and cost effective solution to address a real business need.