Introducing Vendor Management

Managing vendors, partners, supplier agreements and contracts can be difficult and time consuming.

Lapsed agreements, vendor detail changes and supplier contact updates happen often and if they are not managed in one central location, mismanagement and business continuity risks increase.

Built on Microsoft Office 365 and leveraging SharePoint and Power Automate for secure, reliable and no additional licence costs if you are already on the platform, Vendor Management has you covered.

Vendor Management has been deployed to many of our clients around the world looking to implement Risk Management in their procurement and improve delivery on projects with partners, suppliers and vendors across their business. 

Onboard Vendors

From one central location with a defined approval process for new vendors and existing vendor.

Manage Contracts

Start and expiry dates with suppliers, whilst automating email reminders to both parties before expiry dates

Find Contacts

Allow for company wide access to search for vendors already on the system based on location, industry and services provided

Report on Spend

In minutes across the entire vendor management list or slice and dice the data based on your specific needs


 Collect information from customers with automated emails for customers to fill in and update when needed. (Sends email to customer with link where they upload requested documents and information)

Risk Management 

In one place with a easy to read RAG(Red Amber Green) status and notification to the risk team