Hack Your Company's Network 
Before Lunch 
Web Series.

Our educational web series is targeted to internal IT teams to identify and mitigate their basic security flaws.

We will identify, showcase and provide mitigation for the most prevalent every day hacks that we come across in most engagements.

You will 

An inside look on how hackers or malicious users try to gain access to your sensitive data.

An understanding of how you can close your security gaps and protect your environment.

Easy, digestible chunks of knowledge that you can apply to your network today! No need to hire an external provider to apply these fixes.

Learn from our industry experts.

Presented by our co-founder and CEO, Bradley Geldenhuys, this web series is aimed at making your business more secure. Brad has looked at some of the key areas that are often overlooked when it comes to information security and broken down what these attacks are and how you can best defend your network.

The beauty about this web series is that you do not need to have an in-depth knowledge or advanced levels of understanding in order to apply these fixes. It is something that anyone can watch and follow immediately.

"Information security should not be one of your concerns. It should be your greatest concern."
​- Bradley Geldenhuys, CEO and co-founder, GTconsult

Episode One | Responder

Join us on our first episode where we discuss how to disable LLMNR, NetBIOS and show you a few tricks with Responder.