SharePoint Vitals

Find the whozit-whatsit!

SharePoint Vitals brings all the user activity data you could ever want to your fingertips. Analysis that can take days of manual data manipulation are now available when you need it. Vitals mines your site, page and user activity in real-time and pushes results to a clean and easily navigated interface.

With the available summary reporting, you can quickly identify your top users, sites and content along with problem areas such as slowest loading pages and users who frequently experience slow page load times. You can dig down to the item level which can definitely help in cases of governance and compliance.

Next time management asks the who, what, when, where — you will have the answers!

Quit guessing.

With SharePoint Vitals, you never have to guess when trying to locate your most active content or find out which users have accessed a specific site. Our simple Top 10’s dashboard will give you the answers at a glance.

It's all history.

Historical data is always available in Vitals. You can quickly jump to specific time spans or simply find all entries for all time. With this capability, painful SharePoint audits are history.

We love graphs.

As with any reporting, it can be challenge to summarize data for reporting to management. Good thing Vials has a button to literally toggle between a full data view and an easy to read chart. Dashboard genius in the making!
SP vitals taps into the usage data running in the background of your SharePoint environment and brings it to your fingertips. Through our real-time reports you can very easily find information to help establish and enforce governance, track solution success, identify areas critical to your business and keep tabs on your users. Filter data to a certain date range or use one of the presets which span anywhere for today’s activity to all activity, ever.

Want to see just how easy it is? Check out this quick peek into our Site Map.

By clicking on your interactive site map, you can track traffic flow down to the item level. Want to see what a specific user is doing? Simply use the filter at the top of the screen to narrow your results.

Dig in to your data with these reports!

Top 10
Quickly view the top 10 performing pages, sites and users in one screen. With one click you can toggle between viewing data as text or graphs.
Page Hits
View detailed information on all pages visited in your environment. This report is fantastic for identifying areas of activity for governance focus and measuring success of your solutions.
Visited Sites
View a list of all of your sites and identify how many visitors have stopped by. Want to find out which business units are most active or ensure you have visibility to any business critical areas? This report will help keep you up to date!
Active Users and User History
Check in on any user to see how active they have been and where that activity has taken place.
Site Map & Heat Map
Available through the Enterprise license only. Drill down through your site structure to view active content and user paths in our interactive map. Want to know where your users are in the world? Our heat map will let you know where activity is taking place and which of your office locations is the most interactive.

Monitor your SharePoint and Office 365 environments the easy way.