Joiners and Leavers SharePoint Workbench

Automate your onboarding and offboarding process with our Joiners and Leavers SharePoint Workbench.

Your hiring process is complex. It has been reported that the most important day in the longevity of your staff member is their first. 

 So you want to make sure everything is under control, but where do you get that insight?

GTconsult's Joiners and Leavers SharePoint Workbench allows you to configure all the tasks required for an employee onboarding and offboarding to ensure the correct people are notified, tasks generated and approvals sent. 

All information pertaining to the new employee is dashboarded in a single location on SharePoint so you can track exactly where you are in the process and what still needs to be done.  The solution is easy to use, easy to configure and sits on your SharePoint environment utilising the platform you already use for productivity and benefiting from the workflow and customisation possibilities to design your employee onboarding how you need it to work.

Key features of our Joiners and Leavers SharePoint Workbench include;

Responsive Design

Access our SharePoint Workbench from any device and get the information when you need it.

Web-based Experience

Access our workbench from your web browser of choice.

Built-on Office 365.

Our workbenches are built on Office 365 ensuring you leverage the innovation security, reliability and  of Office 365.

No page refreshes.

Our workbenches are built with productivity in mind. Complete your tasks and get updates without annoying page refreshes.

Auto allocation.

Tasks can be allocated based on logical rules ensuring your team is not wasting time on unnecessary tasks.

Enhanced Security.

Rest assured knowing your data is securely store in Office 365, backed by Microsoft's world-renowned security services.

Clickatell Case Study

Clickatell implemented GTconsult's Joiners and Leavers SharePoint Workbench solution. This ensured we can connect to our current Active Directory solution to create proper workflows automation to allow the easy approval and implementation of giving the right staff access to the correct systems - with the proper approvals and controls. 

- Casper De Villiers, Clickatell

Start automating your processes with our Joiners and Leavers SharePoint Workbench.

Our Joiners and Leavers SharePoint Workbench will simplify and automate your processes when employees enter or exit your business. Contact us and let's enable productivity in your business.