Trident by GTconsult
Three-pronged cyber security for small to medium size organisations.
Cyberthreats are constantly evolving in order to take advantage of online behaviour and trends. The COVID-19 outbreak is no exception.

Cybercriminals are attacking the computer networks and systems of individuals, businesses and even global organizations at a time when cyber defences might be lowered due to the shift of focus to the health crisis.

Cyber security threats, breaches and attacks are only going to increase in the future. They are going to be harder to detect and they are going to be more sophisticated.

We want to give you the edge to protect yourself and your organisation from the threats that are out there.

Introducing Trident

Trident is our three-pronged approach to strengthen cyber security for small to medium-sized businesses. 

Trident by GTconsult is going to give you the power to calm the raging cyber security issues in your business.

Our three-pronged approach helps you secure a larger area of impact, align your defenses with Microsoft's best practices and provide you with a strong defense against cybersecurity attacks.

Trident focuses on these three areas to increase your cyber security;

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is the increased security system utilized by providing multiple credentials for authenticating an account. 

Instead of only using a username and password, an additional form of credential is used in addition to this. The most common method is using a mobile device to receive or generate a code.

Email authenticity
SPF, DKIM and DMARC are ways to authenticate your mail server and to prove to ISPs, mail services and other receiving mail servers that senders are truly authorized to send email.

Not only does this prove that you are who you say you are but it always proves that this isn’t a phishing mail or that you have not been breached.

Microsoft Threat Protection

Microsoft Threat Protection (MTP) is an integrated experience with AI and automation built in that’s also built on their best-in-class Microsoft 365 threat protection services and pools their collective knowledge and capabilities.

It leverages and integrates these services’ industry-leading prevention, detection, investigation, and response techniques.

Areas covered by Microsoft Threat Protection may include but are not limited to the following areas;

Risky IP address

This detection identifies that users were active from an IP address identified as risky by Microsoft Threat Intelligence.

Login failures 

This detection identifies users that failed multiple login attempts in a single session with respect to the baseline learned, which could indicate on a breach attempt.

Admin activity 

This detection takes advantage of Cloud App Security's ability to monitor user behavior across apps, allowing identification of the regular activity of the user.

Inactive accounts

This detection enables you to able to identify when a terminated employee continues to perform actions on your SaaS apps. Because data shows that the greatest risk of insider threat comes from employees who left on bad terms.


This detection considers past activity locations to determine new and infrequent locations. The anomaly detection engine stores information about previous locations used by users in the organization. An alert is triggered when an activity occurs from a location that wasn't recently or never visited by any user in the organization.

Impossible Travel

This detection identifies two user activities (is a single or multiple sessions) originating from geographically distant locations within a time period shorter than the time it would have taken the user to travel from the first location to the second, indicating that a different user is using the same credentials.

Device and user agent

 This detection examines activity from new or untrusted devices and can be applied to all monitored activities or selected activities

Activity Rate

Cloud App Security looks at every user session on your cloud and alerts you when something happens that is different from the baseline of your organization or from the user's regular activity.

How does Trident work?

The world we know today dictates that protection is key and it no longer matters what size your business is. if you utilize Microsoft’s online cloud platform, ranging from Email to OneDrive to SharePoint, there is no "if" or "maybe" whether you should implement the security features supplied via Microsoft’s offered protection services.

1. Multi-factor authentication.

We will assist you in deploying MFA across your organisation. MFA will strengthen your logins and enable your users to be more secure and decrease the chances of having a breached account in your organisation.

2. Email authenticity.

We will assist you in strengthening your email authenticity by enabling SPF, DKIM and DMARC in your organisation. These new tools are the future of email protection and as such, everybody should apply this to their emailing infrastructure. It is already widely adopted around the world at an ever-increasing rate. Implementing these crucial tools are another step you can use to increase your email authenticity, which will increase your overall security in your organisation.

3. Microsoft Threat Protection.

We will assist you with the deployment and configuration of Microsoft Threat Protection in your organisation which will help coordinate detection, prevention, investigation, and response across endpoints, identities, email, and applications to provide integrated protection against sophisticated attacks.

The world we know today dictates that protection is key and it no longer matters what size your business is. If you utilize Microsoft’s online cloud platform, ranging from Email to OneDrive to SharePoint, there is no "if" or "maybe" whether you should implement the security features supplied via Microsoft’s offered protection services, it is an absolute must. 

​Lockdown across the world subjected many companies to the implementation of employees working from home, a strategy most companies have not yet thought about before the pandemic. Though this may be uncharted waters for your organisation, it is our realm of wisdom. Now if not the time to let your guard down. 
Ask us about Trident today and keep cyber attackers at bay.