Sharegate’s migration and management tool fits perfectly with our approach to enabling productivity on the SharePoint and Office 365 stack.

Technology can be a polarizing force in the world because of the confusing processes that it is associated with it.

At GTconsult, we believe in making collaboration easier to achieve our main goal which is to enable productivity.
Below are some of the highlights of why Sharegate adds undeniable value to GTconsult.

Sharegate is the only recommended migration tool.

When it comes time to migrate to the latest platforms, Sharegate will be ready and waiting to assist.

Sharegate is a very affordable option.

And licensed per year instead of per giga byte (GB). This means that for an entire year, all migration is covered no matter how much data needs to be transported.

Migration is drag and drop.

From almost a number of locations including all versions of SharePoint, Fileshares, OneDrive, Google Drive and more to Office 365, as well as any version of SharePoint.

Insane Mode for Migrations.

Makes sure that migrations to Office 365 happens as fast as humanly possible.


Checks ensures that content can be updated and cleaned up to perform slick clean migrations.

Sharegate does more than just migrations.

The tool now offers more governance features to understand your content better.

Technology can be costly. But it is also necessary.

Costs need to be managed where possible, and the best way to do this is through streamlined processes which are quick, painless and efficient.
Sharegate is a necessary tool to facilitate this and is a process that will add undeniable value to your business.