COVID-19 Gazetted Questionnaire

Ensure your organisation is 100% compliant with the regulations determined by our government as your employee's return to work.
Lockdown level 4 is coming to an end. While many essential services providers and workers may be back at work. The vast majority of the population is still working from home.  

 With lockdown level 3 looming above us, many more citizens are preparing to return to work.   

South Africa now has official requirements for companies going back to work while the Covid-19 state of disaster is still in place.  

 These regulations have been put in place to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and are being enforced to ensure we make it through the pandemic.   

 The regulations are immediately in force, and will remain so until South Africa's national state of disaster is called off.   

 Companies are now required to follow these regulations or face hefty fines, or worse.

Download the detailed South African Government Gazette and follow the regulations.

Following these regulations and ensuring that you are compliant isn't an easy task. 

We created this solution to help you stay compliant and keep all the important information in one place. Easy for you to reference when you need it.

Our solution will help you;

Follow the regulations.

Ensure your staff fill out a form, which is deployed into Microsoft SharePoint, before they come back to the office.

Get notified.

Once the form is complete, notifications are emailed to HR if a user does not comply ensuring you are able to control the access to your offices.

Receive up-to-date reports.

The solution allows reporting of the questionnaires across departments, locations or regions. Get the information where you need it and when you need it. Instantly.

​Get the COVID-19 Gazetted Questionnaire.

​We are confident that this solution is going to help you enable productivity in your business and  make sure you are following the regulations set in place. 

Rollout the COVID-19 Gazetted Questionnaire in your organisation and be confident that your organisation is compliant with the regulations.