GTconsult A Team Development

Custom workflows, intranets, business solutions and line-of-business integrations with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.
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Our Managed Services.

All your development needs.

We have handpicked the members of our A Team so you can rest assured knowing that you will only receive the highest quality of work.

Leverage the A Team.

You will have some of the best engineers, designers, developers and testers in the world working to enable productivity in your business.

Ongoing development.

Our A Team is constantly learning and upskilling themselves and are on the cutting edge of any new development and tech out there.

Regular updates.

You will have a dedicated project manager to give your regular updates on the progress of your project and give you real-time updates.

Intranets and Landing Pages.

Our responsive & customized intranets and landing pages are designed using templates which are easy to edit and deploy saving you time and money. All GTconsult intranets and landing pages are intuitive and consistent, they are designed with the end user in mind. Each template is tailored to meet your company’s needs and corporate identity.

Business Automation.

Our A Team has been automating business processes for years and has helped a multitude of businesses grow, scale and become more profitable.

Info Mailers.

Introducing Info Mailers, leveraging your existing SharePoint datastore to send you (and your business) daily information right to your mailbox to be accessed via PC, mobile, tablet and phablet.

SharePoint Workbench

GTconsult is redefining the way you use SharePoint with software as an application. Our responsive, high-performance workbenches are a platform through which you can access and manage queues of information.

How does A Team work?


A Team Projects are a once-off project that follows the following methodology.

The issue with once-off projects is that it follows an older model which has many risks and is mitigated by the development team adding ‘fat’ or padding the project cost when drawing up the technical spec and proposal.


A Team Agreements differ in the approach as they are designed to align with business requirements and create roadmaps with several projects on milestones to achieve those business goals continually even during change.

The agreements are based off 5, 10, 15 and 20-day plans which the client can choose based on annual needs.


​​​Let us help you enable productivity in your business today.