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We focus on three key proficiencies:

GTconsult secures your data and empowers your workforce. We design custom Microsoft 365 solutions for effortless collaboration, streamlined workflows, and ultimate peace of mind.  Our ongoing support ensures your success in the evolving Modern Workplace.


Don't settle for off-the-shelf solutions!We tailor Microsoft solutions (SharePoint, Office 365, Azure) to fit your unique business needs. Imagine having a custom-built system that perfectly solves your problems – that's the power we bring to the table.

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Located remotely around the world, the A Team Support team accommodates and supports our clients and specializes in theMicrosoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azureplatforms.

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Hire a hacker and receive a real-world attack scenariowithout the devastating consequences. Mitigate your risk with the cover of A Team Protection.

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 Our happy clients include: 

Who are the A Team?

The A Team are a group of individuals that specialise in the niche spaces of the SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure platforms. The A Team are also specialists in information and cyber security and have a team of talented penetration testers, cyber security analysts and hackers. The idea behind A Team is to assemble the best developers, support engineers, project managers, technical specialists, penetration testers, and hackers to create the most skilled and effective team to assist you.
The team works remotely to mitigate the logistical and project management issues that can occur with onsite client work. This remote work also ensures the team cohesion, reusability, speed in delivery and a well-maintained project delivery model, all of which ultimately reduce costs for the client.
The A Team has grown over the years and are constantly improving their skills and competencies.

What you get:

A Team Development

Quality Solutions

We have handpicked the members of our A Team so you can rest assured knowing that you will only receive the highest quality of work.

The A Team

You will have some of the best engineers, designers, developers and testers in the world working to enable productivity in your business.

Regular updates

You will have a dedicated project manager to give your regular updates on the progress of your project and give you real-time updates.

Ongoing Development

Our A Team is constantly learning and upskilling themselves and are on the cutting edge of any new development and tech out there.

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A Team Support

Remotely located

The A Team Support team is located remotely around the world and specialize in the SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure platforms

Up-to-date support

The team is up to date with the latest releases in this space and we keep our finger on the pulse as far as the Microsoft update feed goes.

Strategic approach

You no longer have to take stabs in the dark regarding your patches, migrations and support. Rest easy knowing you are fully supported.

SLA agreement

A ticket is logged and evaluated by an available A Team member and assigned a priority based on a predefined SLA agreement

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A Team Protection

Real-world attacks

Receive a real-world attack without the RED TEAM will craft a custom-designed network 


Plug the holes in your defenses and decrease your chances of being hit by malware, ransomware and misconfigurations in your environment.

In-depth analysis 

Get a detailed, in-depth report of the strengths and weaknesses on your environment with recommendations on how to increase your security 

Constant updates 

Our RED TEAM regularly scans your environment and lets you know if you are susceptible to the latest CVE’s, exploits and vulnerabilities.

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Watch our short doodle video to learn more about GTconsult's A Team Agreement.

How it works?


A Team Projects are a once-off project that follows a traditional methodology.

The issue with once-off projects is that, because it follows an older model, it has many risks and is mitigated by the development team adding ‘fat’ or padding the project cost when drawing up the technical spec and proposal.

  • Projects that require support after delivery may be rejected by business due to CAPEX restraints. 
  • Raising CAPEX for a project may take months. If anything changes, the process is halted. 
  • Change control process requiring a request for the raising of additional CAPEX. 
  • Access to specific team members only. 


A Team Agreements differ in the approach as they are designed to align with business requirements and create roadmaps with several projects on milestones to achieve those business goals continually even during change.

The agreements are based off 5, 10, 15 and 20-day plans which the client can choose based on annual needs.

  • Agreements can lead to ongoing support or extra development for the business. 
  • OPEX model is more attractive and can be used when there are budget constraints when requesting CAPEX. 
  • Agile development process which means changes to the project can be accommodated without much fan fair. 
  • Full access to A Team Development, Support and Protection teams. 

Don't just take our word for it!

Learn how we enabled productivity for these organizations.

We set high standards of design, functionality and usability for our new intranet. The GTconsult team were able to meet our brief, drawing on their expert knowledge of the SharePoint platform and applying creative thinking.”

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In collaboration with GTconsult, African Unity decided to leverage the power of the GTconsult Workbenches, on Office 365. The solution was an amalgamation of SharePoint Online for management of data and presentations of the queues, a custom Javascript HTML5 framework underpinned by jQuery and REST API to generate a highly responsive, performance oriented application.
The solutions created by GTconsult exactly addressed the original business needs discussed when we started the journey to create these custom workbenches. The workbenches offer a fast, stable and cost effective solution to address a real business need.