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Work, as we know it, is set for major disruption. We can either fight it or we can embrace it.
10.11.20 11:38 AM - Comment(s)

Education was always going to be one of the sectors of our society that was going to be impacted the most by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic changed the game, there was a massive movement towards online based teaching and technology. There is a reason why encyclop...

03.11.20 01:57 PM - Comment(s)

This is the last week of Cyber Security Awareness Month, and hopefully you have navigated it with any incident.


Risk management plays an important role in the financial services industry. Insurers and credit providers take a serious look at risk and invest a lot of time and capital in de...

27.10.20 10:38 AM - Comment(s)

I have been talking to my mom this week and she has been struggling to get a major South African financial institution to close my brothers trust account. It took me sending an email to a contact at the institution to get any progress made.


Here is the question, have South African workers (in g...

22.10.20 12:24 PM - Comment(s)

When faced with two challenges, it important to know the difference between the two so that you can devise an appropriate strategy to address them.


We are into the third week of Cyber Security Awareness Month and we are presented with the challenge of differentiating between cyber securi...

22.10.20 12:16 PM - Comment(s)