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Strategy eats culture for breakfast

We have spoken extensively about the effective approach towards cyber security and that there needs to be an effective culture that is built and developed so that employees know what standard operating procedures (SOPs) are needed in specific situations.

The problem with developing a culture is that ...

12.06.20 01:11 AM - Comment(s)

When we look at the technology industry, and the rise of the increased need for cyber security, companies learned a lot (through trial and error) about how to effectively deal with the cyber threat. Then COVID-19 came along and changed the way business was done.

This introduced a whole new level of r...

05.06.20 03:10 AM - Comment(s)

When the FBI caught Jeffrey Dahmer and the CIA caught Timothy McVeigh, they got keen insight into the minds of some of the most notorious criminals of our time. This influenced criminal profiling in the hope of making modern law enforcement a lot easier.

This was not the case with the infamous Jack t...

21.05.20 11:30 PM - Comment(s)

It feels like we have been in lockdown forever. Well…we have.

It is now time to look at life post COVID-19. I have already pointed out in previous posts that the status quo will be changed forever and that remote business will increase in the coming months.

What can we look forward to in a post COVID-...

18.05.20 08:01 PM - Comment(s)

Even before COVID-19, cyber-security was a major global issue.

The reaction to the cyber threat was mixed. Some companies saw the urgency of the situation and bit the bullet spending significant capital on cyber resilience, other companies questioned the urgency of the situation adopting a wait-and-s...

14.05.20 09:09 PM - Comment(s)