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Sthe believes in excellence

A write up on Sthe's recent achievement- passing his Microsoft PL 400 exam!

Ever heard of the Microsoft PL-400 exam?

It’s an exam that focuses on the designing, development, testing, security, and troubleshooting of Microsoft Power Platform solutions. Candidates are expected to implement components of...
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Jacqui is determined to stay ahead!
Jacqui just passed her MS600 Exam!
29.03.23 09:33 AM - Comment(s)

I’m not the biggest sci-fi fan. I can count the number of times I have seen the Star Wars movies on one hand, and I have never seen any of the Star Trek movies or television series. However, I am a fan of the Big Bang Theory and as Dr Sheldon Cooper has pointed out on many occasions, many of the inv...

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Work, as we know it, is set for major disruption. We can either fight it or we can embrace it.
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When faced with two challenges, it important to know the difference between the two so that you can devise an appropriate strategy to address them.


We are into the third week of Cyber Security Awareness Month and we are presented with the challenge of differentiating between cyber securi...

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