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To leave or not to leave.... what are the alternatives? 
Whatsapp caused the first controversy of 2021. What would a fragmented messaging industry look like? are you prepared to chat to all of your current Whatsapp contacts across multiple platforms? What are your options come February 8?
12.01.21 01:11 PM - Comment(s)
Optimism is the key to 2021
While there is a lot of optimism about 2021, managing expectations and looking towards specific areas of innovation will be the key to surviving the year.
03.01.21 10:16 AM - Comment(s)

This is the last week of Cyber Security Awareness Month, and hopefully you have navigated it with any incident.


Risk management plays an important role in the financial services industry. Insurers and credit providers take a serious look at risk and invest a lot of time and capital in de...

27.10.20 10:38 AM - Comment(s)

We are living in an ever increasingly connected world. Not only are we engaging with each other in traditional methods, but we are increasingly engaging with each other using technology.

This is not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that we need to start creating a movement to plunge u...

28.08.17 05:35 PM - Comment(s)

For better or for worse, technology can make a difference

A lot has been written in the past about technology and the innovation that is associated with it. From humble beginnings, technology has enabled companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple and Toyota to become some of the biggest companies in the...

06.07.17 06:51 PM - Comment(s)