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This is the last week of Cyber Security Awareness Month, and hopefully you have navigated it with any incident.


Risk management plays an important role in the financial services industry. Insurers and credit providers take a serious look at risk and invest a lot of time and capital in de...

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Living A Smart City Life

Imagine a world where streetlights go brighter as activity increases on a street, yet dim when the activity subsides. Imagine a world where you are driving a car and are notified when there is a parking space available, and that parking space is unique to you? Gone would be t...

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We have done a lot of blog articles on the future impact that technology will have on businesses.

While some people may say that this is becoming a boring topic, I disagree. Technology progresses so much on a daily basis that it becomes hard to quantify the impact that technology will have on our dai...

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]When James Cameron released The Terminator in 1984, I was obsessed. It was in a sense a glimpse into our future. While we are not seeing giant robots running around trying to kill each other, machines are taking over our lives in more ways than we think.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the Int...

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