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Sujata Excels in MS 900 Exam!

With six years of experience in testing and quality control, Sujata has become highly skilled and knowledgeable in her field. Her tenure at GT for nearly two years has demonstrated her immense value as an asset to the team. 


Driven by her desire to...

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Buckle in, we're just getting started!
Having served the market in various parts of South Africa and the world for over a decade, GT has made the decision to open a branch in a new location!

We have been operating out of Seattle since 2014 and, as you can imagine, the time difference was quite significant. Ideally, we needed to be as clos...
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To leave or not to leave.... what are the alternatives? 
Whatsapp caused the first controversy of 2021. What would a fragmented messaging industry look like? are you prepared to chat to all of your current Whatsapp contacts across multiple platforms? What are your options come February 8?
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Optimism is the key to 2021
While there is a lot of optimism about 2021, managing expectations and looking towards specific areas of innovation will be the key to surviving the year.
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I’m not the biggest sci-fi fan. I can count the number of times I have seen the Star Wars movies on one hand, and I have never seen any of the Star Trek movies or television series. However, I am a fan of the Big Bang Theory and as Dr Sheldon Cooper has pointed out on many occasions, many of the inv...

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