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Sujata Excels in MS 900 Exam!

With six years of experience in testing and quality control, Sujata has become highly skilled and knowledgeable in her field. Her tenure at GT for nearly two years has demonstrated her immense value as an asset to the team. 


Driven by her desire to...

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Microsoft 365 Conference 2023 Wrap Up
Welcome back to the final part of this series – which I am writing back in our South African office. My recent trip to the states included a wonderful visit to Indiana where I visited potential locations for our new office space in Indianapolis and met with clients, partners and the wonderful IT com...
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Optimism is the key to 2021
While there is a lot of optimism about 2021, managing expectations and looking towards specific areas of innovation will be the key to surviving the year.
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At the core of the Microsoft strategy is to empower every individual and every organisation and Azure is helping them achieve this goal.

The four pillars that support this strategy are:

  1. Engaging with Customers
  2. Empowering every Employee
  3. Optimise your operations
  4. Transform your Products

Azure cloud is a...

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You will be able to catch up with the dynamic staff of GTconsult at the National Small Business Chamber summit happening in Johannesburg on the 15th and 16th of February.

Who is the NSBC, the chamber was established in 2007, they are the driving force behind supporting small businesses, by promoting ...

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