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What is SharePoint?
In this blog, we delve into the world of SharePoint: What is SharePoint, The history of SharePoint, and key SharePoint concepts. The primary goal of this blog is to empower and inform you, providing valuable insights to optimize your utilization of SharePoint and extract its full potential
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Sujata Excels in MS 900 Exam!

With six years of experience in testing and quality control, Sujata has become highly skilled and knowledgeable in her field. Her tenure at GT for nearly two years has demonstrated her immense value as an asset to the team. 


Driven by her desire to...

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We always love when our CEO, Brad Geldenhuys, imparts his wisdom. Read on for some quick tips on SharePoint ROI from the man himself.

Understanding SharePoint ROI is a tricky area if you are put on the spot with specific questions like “How much did this SharePoint project cost us and how much are we...

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