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What is Umlindi?

Umlindi is the Zulu word for protector. GTconsult is a global SharePoint Services company founded in South Africa, and our SharePoint support team who are responsible for the availability, performance and maintenance of SharePoint environments found the name Umlindi very fitting for their SharePoint Managed Services and Support offering.

SharePoint is a complex and diverse technology that requires database understanding, web development know-how, and server administration skills. This combination of skills is a rare commodity, even among die hard system and network administrators, who are usually burdened with the responsibility of the SharePoint environment. What remains is a business-critical system left in the hands of what is often an under-skilled and overworked resource.

Through years of SharePoint deployment and support experience, GTconsult has created a solution that provides a combination of technology and services, allowing us to closely manage our customer SharePoint environments.

Utilizing a world-class remote monitoring system that has been customized for SharePoint, we are able to capture real-time data and activity trends to quickly resolve issues. Being proactive means that we can help you better meet your defined SharePoint requirements, ensuring that your environment is optimized for the best end user experience. When an incident does occur, it is managed swiftly and efficiently within an agreed service level agreement (SLA).

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The Umlindi server side agent is installed onto the SharePoint server and configured to monitor a number of key criteria on the server which compromises of the Umlindi Score.

The Umlindi Score is a measure of the health of the SharePoint server much in the same way we as people measure our wellbeing by our body temperature which can be affected by a number of components.

The Umlindi Score is calculated based on the following key areas:

  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Disc Space
  • System Uptime
  • Environment Health
  • Event Log Errors
  • Page Load Time

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