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"..having met with GTconsult and been impressed with their CEO and various service offerings, it was an easy decision to bring them onboard as a trusted partner." - Eugene Van Der Lingen, CAPRISA

Why is there a need for A Team Development? 

While most business use very similar models for how they run their operations no two are alike, even in a franchise operation differ and all have to take into account location, language, local laws, culture and socio economic climate.  This means that commercial software that is essential to every business to keep up with technology trends and competition is implemented and adopted.  However, this software is not always implemented, branded, adopted or configured properly and the out of the box features don’t align with most business models and need to be tweaked. 

A traditional approach would be to avoid all frameworks or platforms and custom develop a solution from scratch.  This approach never really worked for a number of reasons.  Firstly, the risk falls solely on the customer, as they would need to pay a large deposit and the software development company would then work off a spec and get paid on each phase of delivery.  This has a number of risks, if the spec is not perfect this could be a major flaw in the solution.  If the business model changes the entire solution might be at threat of redevelopment and change control at additional cost. 

Software of a Service (SaaS) and subscription services are a much better, safer and sustainable model for customers.  The product usually can supply 90% of the requirement, the cost is low and monthly so its an OPEX vs CAPEX model.  The product is ready to go right away, no wait time and if it doesn’t work they can find an alternative and migrate.   

So the issue again for business not which software to choose but how to ensure the business can use it, they do use it, and it aligns with business goals to achieve them.  There are times when the software can work out the box and the business has internal skills to work with the product, but most of the time this is not the case.  The business needs external assistance to rollout the change control, develop changes to the platform to integrate with line of business systems and then support the business going forward. 

The client can hire in house developers and manage that team to assist the business with these changes or outsource this responsibility and keep inhouse project sponsors to align business goals.  These goals are then broken down into projects and constants delivery. 

"..GTconsult have shown flexibility, creativity in overcoming problems and sheer determination in ensuring they delivering a solution that not only meets but has exceeded our expectations.."
- Barry O'Neill, CCI South Africa  

What is A Team?

A Team is a group of top-class SharePoint and Office 365 consultants, developers, engineers and designers who work together to deliver client deliverables on SharePoint and Office 365.

The team works remotely to mitigate the logistical and project management issues that can occur with onsite client work.

 This remote work also ensures the team cohesion, reusability, speed in delivery and a well-maintained project delivery model which in all lowers costs to the client.

Who needs
A Team development? 

A business who has or requires SharePoint and/or Office 365 and needs deployment assistance, custom development, change control, user adoption training, support, and migrations.  The A Team specializes in Intranets, landing pages, leave, expense and other HR solutions and workflows.  

How does A Team Work?  

The A Team have two offerings, once off project and ongoing A Team agreements.


A Team Projects are a once-off project that follows the following methodology. 

The issue with once-off projects is that it follows an older model which has many risks and is mitigated by the development team adding ‘fat’ or padding the project cost when drawing up the technical spec and proposal.


A Team Agreements differ in the approach as they are designed to align with business requirements and create roadmaps with several projects on milestones to achieve those business goals continually even during change.  The agreements are based off 5, 10, 15 and 20-day plans which the client can choose based on annual needs. 

What does A Team Development do?