SharePoint Version Comparison.

SharePoint features give the platform its edge in the market. No other ECM (Enterprise Content Management) platform can compete with the number of features SharePoint has or the road map for future improvements. I think that a number of these features are overlooked and under utilized.

Developers have been known to recreate solutions due to lack of knowledge of the out of the box capabilities. This SharePoint Features list was created in hopes to avoid that type of scenario in future. Think of this SharePoint Features list as a constant work in progress. Releases in SharePoint Online and Service Packs to SharePoint 2013 and 2016 are rolled out we will update them here.

SharePoint Features201020132016SharePoint Online

Look and Feel

Document Workspace site templateyesNoNoNo
Blank site templateyesNoNoNo
Personalization Site site templateyesNoNoNo
Meeting Workspace site templatesyesNoNoNo
Group Work site template and Group Work solutionyesNoNoNo
Visio Process Repository site templateyesNoNoNo
Unghosting and customizing CSS filesyesyesNoNo
Imaging Web serviceyesYesNoNo
Image and video previewsNoNoyesyes
Mobile Browser ExperienceNoLimitedYesYes
Sites page pinningNoNoYesYes
Tags and NotesYesYesNoNo
Design ManagerNoYesYesYes
Device ChannelsNoYesYesNo
Cross-site PublishingNoYesYesYes


SharePoint FoundationYesYesNoN/A
Standalone Install modeYesYesNoN/A
ForeFront Identity Manager client (FIM)YesYesNoN/A
Large file supportNoNoYesYes
MinRole farm topologyNoNoYesN/A
New controls for working with OneDrive for BusinessNoNoYesYes
Open Document Format (ODF) available for document librariesNoNoYesYes
Simplified SSL configuration for Central AdministrationNoNoYesN/A
SMTP connection encryptionNoNoYesN/A


Work Management Service ApplicationYesYesNoN/A
Excel ServicesYesLimitedNoNo
Web AnalyticsYesNoNoNo
Managed code assemblies in sandboxed solutionsYesNoNoNo
Office Web AppsNoYesYesYes


Organization ProfilesYesnonoNo
Interactive feedNoYesYesYes
Community SiteNoYesYesYes
Follow peopleNoYesYesYes
Follow SitesNoYesYesYes


Consolidated Search ResultsNoYesYesYes
Rich Results FrameworkNoYesYesYes
keyword query language (KQL) enhancementsNoYesYesYes
Managed NavigationNoYesYesYes


SharePoint Workflow PlatformNoYesYesYes


Hybrid sitesNoNoYesYes
Hybrid OneDrive for BusinessNoNoYesYes
Cloud hybrid searchNoLimitedYesYes
Identify and search for sensitive content in both SharePoint Server 2016 and OneDrive documentsNoNoYesYes
Hybrid TaxonomyNoNoYesYes