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Annelize is determined to excel!

With only two months in at GT (her probation period is not even over yet) Annelize has proven herself to be determined, a team player and a valuable member of the team. She has shown that she stands by GT’s values and believes in its mission.  

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SharePoint Online: The Upgrade Your Business Needs 

Imagine you’re going on a road trip with your friend. They assure you that they can handle the task of getting you to your destination. On the day of your trip, you are surprised that instead of your friend searching for the destination on the GPS or the any of the map apps available on mobile phone...

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GT is getting in on the RWC 2023 Fun! 

With the Rugby World cup literally a day away, GTconsult has decided to get in on the festivities and have each staff member assigned a team. 

Of course, as South Africans, we are behind the Bokke all the way- this is just a fun and friendly competition among team members. After all, one of our ...

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Botlhale is determined to succeed!

In just one year at GTconsult, Botlhale has proven himself as a valuable team member, consistently demonstrating initiative and a determination to get things right the first time. As a SharePoint developer, Botlhale dedicates most of his days to working on modern workplace projects, specifically foc...

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Debunking the Myth: Why Email is Far From Dead

Communication is the thread that weaves societies together, allowing ideas, information, and emotions to transcend time and space. Over millennia, humanity has witnessed a fascinating progression of communication methods, from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and stone tablets like the Ten Commandments ...

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