GT is getting in on the RWC 2023 Fun! 

07.09.23 09:59 AM Comment(s) By Boitumelo

With the Rugby World cup literally a day away, GTconsult has decided to get in on the festivities and have each staff member assigned a team. 

Of course, as South Africans, we are behind the Bokke all the way- this is just a fun and friendly competition among team members. After all, one of our values at GTconsult is: Fun as a Team!  


Because we're all about spicing things up at GTconsult, we decided to put on our creative hats and take a playful approach. We created an app within teams (cool right?) that would randomly assign each team member a team for the world cup. So, no one can complain about bias when they get a team they were not expecting- like, you know, Romania. 

When the app went live, some were really happy with their assignment… 

….and some, not so much. In fact, some people (read as Bradley Geldenhuys) were so disappointed, they tried to hack the app…multiple times. 

Some thought they had a strategy going- wait for everyone to pick first in hopes to get South Africa. 


Judging by the reactions to the assignments, it’s clear that this world cup is going to prove interesting, both on the field and in GTconsult’s Rugby World Cup 2023 Channel!  

GTconsult team members, may the odds be ever in your favour! 

Oh, and for our A Team clients – if you want this, you know you do, let your account manager know and we will deploy it to your SharePoint and Teams environment 😉 😉 


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