How to add GTconsult as your Azure Partner

23.02.17 07:21 PM Comment(s) By Jordan

A Microsoft Azure Partner of Record is a company that helps you get the most out of your Azure subscription free of charge to you. A really good partner like GTconsult will provide you with support, insights, intellectual tried and tested roll out plans even possibly unlock funding for projects all at no cost to you. If you are interested in adding GTconsult as your partner of record please follow the step by step guide below.

Go to

Click ‘Launch’ under The new Azure portal is here!

Find the ‘Billing’ section in the sidebar

Select the Subscription that you wish to add GTconsult as the Partner for in the dashboard

Select ‘Partner Information’ from the left menu navigation and then click ‘Update Partner Information’

Add GTconsult Microsoft Partner ID ‘3395442’ to the area provided click ‘Check ID’ and click the check box to complete

And you are all set, we will get a notification from Microsoft notifying us of this update and we can start delivering value to you right away.


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