International call forwarding with Microsoft Teams.

15.07.20 08:39 PM Comment(s) By Bradley Geldenhuys

A few weeks ago, the team and I  attended ESPC 2019 in Prague. It was a tremendous success and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly but one thought at the back of my head was the pesky international call forwarding that would need to be enabled.

This is by far my least favourite part of the travelling process so I decided that I'm going to try something new.

So, as everyone should know by now, we have implemented a Cloud PABX system and have started utilising Microsoft Teams as our new cloud-based phone system. This enables us to contact anyone around the world, provide direct routing to the person or department you are looking for and allow us to collaborate all in one application.

With this new system being activated, I decided to forward all my calls to Microsoft Teams and to my surprise, it worked better than expected. Gone are the days of paying for expensive international roaming, Microsoft Teams has stepped up and once again proved to be the best application for collaboration and communication.

If you need to get this working, here is how its done;

  • Find out from your carrier what the call forwarding USSD code is, and run it on your phone. It may be like the below, and you enter in the number after the code where you would like calls to go:  **021*0815557755#
  • Your phone should alert you that forwarding is now on.
  • When returning to the country, simply cancel the forwarding by entering the USSD code from your carrier. For example, mine was **021#

Thats it! Now you won't need to worry about international call charges - just make sure you have data in the country you're visiting!

Bradley Geldenhuys

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